Our Story

The Dayamani Academy is part of the Dayamani Foundation, an ACNC registered charity currently under the leadership of Dr Sean Kearney and Dr Sagar Athota aiming to help disadvantaged children from the area of Tenali, Andhra Pradesh.

The children at the Academy are from poverty-stricken families, sometimes orphaned by the death of one or both of their parents due to disease and/or violence.

The Academy supports the present generation of students from the untouchable caste, who will help lead their community into the future.


The Family


The Dayamani Foundation is named after Mrs Dayamani Athota, a teacher and principal for more than 40 years who received a Government award for her excellent services in teaching. After Mrs Dayamani’s retirement, she continued helping disadvantaged children by providing them a home.

Under the direction of Dr Sean Kearney, the children’s home that Mrs Dayamani established is transforming into a residential school to provide high-class education for the children under her care.

The local community in Tenali are deeply grateful for the years of service by Mrs Dayamani, and are looking forward to commencement of the first class at the Dayamani Academy in June.


The Dayamani Foundation


The Vision

The Dayamani Foundation is a not-for profit organisation with a strong focus to provide a quality education to Dalit children.

Our vision is to:

Offer hope, resilience and a positive educational future for Dalit children.

Ensure the children are able to meet their own needs and become self sufficient.

Develop and maintain a safe, secure and reputable charity organisation.