Our Programs

The Dayamani Academy

The Dayamani Academy is a children’s home for severely disadvantaged children in Tenali, AP, India.  The original mission of the academy was to help provide an education for children, who otherwise would not have received an education.  The academy ensures that all children have clean access to drinking water, three meals per day and a safe and loving environment in which to thrive.

The goal in 2014 was to build a school to give the children at the academy a chance to reverse their cycle of poverty and provide opportunities for them that would not otherwise be possible.  This goal was realised in 2016 with the registration of the Dayamani Joseph English Medium School.

The Dayamani Joseph English Medium School 

The Dayamani Joseph English Medium School was built in 2016 by the Dayamani Foundation to provide an education for disadvantaged children living at the Dayamani Academy.  The school currently has five rudimentary classrooms and is providing an educaiton for all the children at the academy and some day students from the community.

Our goal is to transform the The Dayamani Joseph English Medium School into a world-class educational institution, which will improve the career opportunities for these children.